About Me

Hello 👋 I am a seasoned Full Stack Software Engineer with over 15 years of dedicated experience, continually seeking improvement and progress. I enjoy contributing to discussions, sharing my expertise, and mentoring junior developers.

Recent and relevant experience


Jun 2020 - Present

Staff Software Engineer


Full-Stack Engineer building the best headless e-commerce CMS for VTEX clients, using typescript, Node, Graphql, REST APIs and AWS. Developing new technologies to enable clients to develop the best and fastest storefront using the faststore.dev.


Feb 2017 - Jun 2020

Senior Software Engineer


Migrated old websites to modular components with React and jinja templates with a strong focus on client-side performance and legacy browser support. Helped to create a new Page Builder tool to improve the time to prototype and deliver new products, so we could publish a whole new website within 2 months. Experience developing and consuming REST APIs and GaphQL with Python and NodeJS.


Apr 2013 - Feb 2017

Software Engineer


Worked on a small team focused on creating a marketplace for attorneys. Created a new chat platform for attorneys and their clients inside the marketplace using Websocket and React JS. Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Node JS. Helped to deploy a new infra to Linode datacenters with Ansible automation process

Let's Connect

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