My Projects

Here are some of the current projects I've been working on. I really enjoy creating new projects and coming up with new ideas. I'm always working on something new, so check back often!

Headless CMS for VTEX Building a headless e-commerce CMS for VTEX clients, using typescript, Node, Graphql, REST APIs and AWS Galeria Meio Fio A brand new Shopify store for my wife's new art company to showcase her projects. Valor Economico Helped the team building the Page Builder to deliver the project from scratch within a year. Deployed the new Cloud infra to Linode. Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Node JS Cidade Verde Working as a software consultant for one of the most prominent and influential news portals in Northeast Brazil.
Mateus Pontes mateuspontes

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